"Special Day Poems"
Personalized Poetry for Every Occasion

Share your thoughts, express yourself
Don't let today sit on the shelf
It too will just fade away
Unless you make it a "Special Day"

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. How long will it take to receive my poem after the initial email?
Within a day or two I will have a draft for you. After any revisions or additions to the poem, it should be ready within a week.

Q. Why is there no form to fill out? How do I get the information to you?
I feel that forms don't fit everyone. I prefer to correspond with you directly through email. This allows you to provide me with the information that you feel is most relevant to the event. I can verify names, dates, and obtain additional information as needed as I custom design your poem. It's not unusual for me to send and receive several emails during the process.

Q. How long are most poems?
The length of a poem will vary depending on the life event and amount of information included in the poem. To keep it simple there are three choices of poems available:
5-6 verses (20-24 lines) $29.99
7-12 verses (28-48 lines) $49.99
Scrapbook Poems 1-4 verses $4.99 per verse
Each additional verse (4 lines) $4.99

Q. I don't see a link for PayPal how do I pay you?
Once your poem is complete I will send you payment information by email. This will include an opportunity to pay through PayPal using your Visa, Discover, Amex or MasterCard. I also accept personal checks made payable to "Special Day Poems".

Q. What other types of poems do you write?
I have written many other types of poetry... poetry for women's events, poetry for family cookbooks, narrative poems about historical events, and even children's poems to paint on the walls of their room. Just about anything! A lot of my poetry is humorous and many are sentimental. It truly is my joy to write poetry.

Q. What are Scrapbook poems?
Scrapbook poems are simple verse to describe a page of photos in your treasured scrapbook. Simply describe the photo and tell me the story or memory you wish to record in poem, and I will transfer it to poetic verse.

Q. How did you start writing poems like this?
I've been writing humorous poems for friends for years. I began to receive more requests to write poems for milestone birthdays and other occasions in life. Since this is something I really enjoy, it was a natural step to start this website. Each poem I write brings me joy and satisfaction, knowing that I have helped someone else find the perfect words for their "Special Day".


"Special Day Poems" by Kala Cota