"Special Day Poems"
Personalized Poetry for Every Occasion

Share your thoughts, express yourself
Don't let today sit on the shelf
It too will just fade away
Unless you make it a "Special Day"

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Samples: These are a selection of verses from original poems and are not necessarily in the order as they appeared in the poems.

"Kathy and Tim congratulations to you!
What happens in Vegas stays there, that's true
But good news travels fast, even from there
And the news of your marriage made it up here

We are happy for you. It has been a long time
We hope you find marriage simply sublime
You've been neighbors for years, you live right next door
We think you've been neighborly, and just a bit more

Many years ago, when Tim was outside
Kathy was bored, and nosey besides
She saw Tim was painting his house a fresh coat
So she offered to help him, and Tim he took note"
Wedding Congratulations Poem for a Vegas Wedding - by Kala Cota
Actual poem is 10 verses long.

"Our Golden Anniversary, we're so happy you're here.
Our family and friends and those we hold dear
Thank you for coming to share this special day,
And if you'll be patient, we just want to say

We've been loggers and farmers; we've paid our own way
That's something to be proud of we can honestly say
When you run your own business, times can get tough
Equipment breaks down, or it just rains too much

But whether cutting down trees or bucking some hay
There was a hot meal waiting at the end of the day
We've had a few years to learn some of life's lessons
Like when you're down on your luck, just count your blessings"
50th Wedding Anniversary Poem (read at their reception) - by Kala Cota
Actual poem is 15 verses long.

"You're too old to be young and too young to be old
It's difficult, you'll find, as I was once told
Your body will change. Oh, you'll be so surprised
At what happens to your hips and then to your thighs!

What once was so firm will turn soft and saggy
You'll start to buy pants that are too big and baggy
Sweaters are history, don't waste the cash
You'll peel them right off when you have a hot flash

Your mental state, well, you will question it too
You will often forget what you meant to do
Right in mid-sentence your thoughts, they will fly
You'll stand there dumbfounded and wave them good bye"
45th Birthday Celebration, Girl's Night Out - by Kala Cota
Actual poem is 15 verses long.

"Babies are a miracle, a little gift from heaven
What are we to do with these angels we've been given?
We'll mold them and we'll shape them with tender loving care
Hug them and cuddle them and let them know we're there

Through the busy days and, yes, those sleepless nights
We'll always be there for them to make everything all right
Childhood days are short they grow up way too soon
So, enjoy every minute, morning, night and noon"
New Mother's Luncheon - by Kala Cota
Actual poem is 12 verses long.

"But God was watching over her, he had heard my prayer
She walked away with just a scratch, I know he was there
God surrounded her with people who would know just what to do
She would need a second mom and he had chosen you

You took my place, and gathered her close, and said a little prayer
Made sure she was OK, and tried to dry her tears
You brought her home to me, to comfort and to love
I think you are an angel sent from heaven above"
Thank You Poem (after her daughter was in a car accident) - by Kala Cota
Actual poem is 5 verses long.

"Open houses are great! We are ready to show!
And then it just rains and business is slow.
Or the client who thinks his cottage is a castle
And square footage and value, well, that's just a hassle

And what about those clients who really can't see
That buyers won't buy if they have to step over debris
Those junky old cars lined up by the road
Then they wonder out loud why their house hasn't sold"
Real Estate Retirement (read aloud at a ladies luncheon) - by Kala Cota
Actual poem is 14 verses long.

"Brothers love their sisters, he'll never go away
He is watching over you each and every day

My heart for you is breaking I hope that time does fly
It really will get better as the days go by
Hang onto every memory, remember all the fun
He wants you to be happy, you're his special one.

I hope that you can feel the love that is sent your way
And know that you are in our thoughts each and every day."
Sympathy Poem, Loss of a Brother - by Kala Cota
Actual poem is 5 verses long.


"Special Day Poems" by Kala Cota